Sunday, March 30, 2008

We Survived!!

We survived Earth Hour! DS loved it! He thought it was the best thing ever and told us over and over that he LOVES Earth Hour. DD (3) was scared and cried easily. She was fine after the lights went on.

We unplugged/shut everything off, I prepared some snacks, lit a few candles and played Trivial Pursuit. That is definately not a good game to play when it is dark, lol!

We talked about doing it more often, but we will definately be more prepared. We didn't have candle holders, our good flashlight broke and I bought the wrong batteries for the other flashlights.

I think it was a good idea and if people did it more often, it would send a message that even little things can add up to great changes. Each person is capable of making some small change. This earth won't last long the way we're going through it at our present rate.

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