Saturday, May 17, 2008


Gee, I haven't been writing much. I certainly go through spurts.

I do have great news.... The basement is almost done!! Whoo!!! The floor is clean, all the junk is gone and everything else is on shelves. We need to get the BBQ out and I have a few totes of garbage to sort (I should be glad it doesn't all end up in the landfill, but it can be a pain to go through when you're getting rid of stuff).

Best part is I know I can go through and get rid of even MORE stuff!! I am loving being able to ruthlessly declutter. I have also been doing a better job of keeping the house clean. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being disaster and 10 being perfect), I have gone from about a 3 to a 7. Amazing!!! There is more to be done but Babysteps, babysteps. I am working on it every day.

I need to clear some more space for food storage. I joke to DH that I get rid of so much stuff and turn around and buy food in it's place. Well, we need to eat and it sounds like prices are going to skyrocket (many already have). So we will greatly appreciate having plenty to eat in times of trouble.

I love being able to give stuff away. It's such a great feeling. It's kind of funny as MIL sometimes buys items I have donated and will ask if it's something that used to be ours. Yeah, which is why it's there and not here!

This coming week I will be working on our bedroom. I need to help DH learn where things go. I need to reteach the kids that toys do not belong in my sleeping area. I have been doing a good job with my stuff; it's everyone else's that is causing problems! It will come. I think we are all loving living in a cleaner environment.

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