Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Stuff!

No, not mine (although I do have a personal attachment to it ;) ) but this one: Excellent! I highly recommend reading about her simple life, her stretchy bean and/or lentil meals and their quest for sustainable living. They are so much further along their way than we are, but we are all in different places. I appreciate reading about others journeys so I can learn more.

This post in particular struck a cord since I am hard core into cleaning and decluttering right now. That and the Wii are the main reasons I haven't been posting much (yes, we did break down and buy it. I have to honestly say I don't regret it a bit!!). We're having DS's birthday party on Tuesday and I want the house in order by then. I can do it! I can see the finish line! The entire upstairs for once is entirely CLEAN! Whoooo!!!! I am making great progress downstairs. I think if I had some kid free time, I could get it done in a couple of hours. They just tend to take things out when I am in the middle of doing things. After it's all done, it's just a matter of maintenance, which I am going to work very hard on. I am also putting off the basement until the rest of the house is done but all I need is a couple of days and a couple of energy drinks to get that in order ;)

Oh, we got a piano! I don't even have to feel a bit of guilt over it. It was left in an abandoned community center building and a friend rescued and repaired it about 20 years ago. They no longer need it and they let us have it! That mother is heavy, lol! It's about a hundred years old, the days before compact pianos, so it weighs a ton. It left deep marks in the kitchen floor...eeps! Our kitchen floor is in dire need of replacing after we move, as is our living room carpet. I would love to see hard wood floors, but I doubt it with public housing. We take what we get :)

Well, so much to do and not enough energy at the moment. I've been cleaning since about 6:30am and I'm starting to drag. But I know if I work, I can get everything I want done today and I can spend tomorrow with a scrub brush.

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