Sunday, April 20, 2008

Try Explaining It!!

OK, At church I am responsible for holding a monthly activity for the women. I have been wanting to have a Story of Stuff night all year and finally presented it to the person who is responsible for approving these things. Of course the way she was staring at me made me feel like a blubbering idiot. She had a blank look in her eye and basically said that no one would want to come. That the whole idea made her feel blah. I also wanted to talk about simple things we can do to help the environment and maybe make or hand out reusable bags. Pah! Well apparantly that wouldn't be very interesting either.

So many things I've wanted to do have been shot down. Now I finally have something I am passionate about and no one would care. Oh well. Lets make silly cards and write love notes instead.


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Anonymous said...

That sucks, I bet lots of other women at your church would be interested, and even if they aren't into being green, they may enjoy making handmade shopping bags or something like that. Keep trying, you might get through eventually!