Wednesday, April 25, 2007

100 Mile Diet

I have been facinated by this since hearing about it. I know we could never abide by it since where we live, nothing is produced. Ok, we could live off seafood and berries, maybe a few other things that may be at a local farmer's market are grown locally, but nothing sustainable. We live in an apartment which makes it hard to grow things (although we are trying our hand at a little this year). I applaud anyone who can make it work.

Link: "Official" Site (you can preorder book here)
100 Mile Diet

There is so much more to food than we know about. I have learned a lot from one of my email homeschooling groups about what our food producers can get away with. It's scary but it really gives you food for thought (ha ha!). It reaffirms why I want to get away from all the processed food. Of course the simple ways I seek to hold to requires that I don't waste what I have. What I buy from now on will be more wholesome and closer to what God created for us to eat.

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