Thursday, April 19, 2007

Let the Fast Begin!

The car was....$716!!! The killer was nearly $100 in tax, so I guess their estimate was close. Ouch ouch ouch..... It's always amazing to me the impulse to go shopping after being hit with a large bill we can't afford. I did stop to a dollar store and get a couple of $1 stamp pads, some craft items & 2 pairs of fake crocs ($3! I've been wearing my fake ones for ages and wanted another pair since they're nice for walking; one's a b-day gift for DS) and at the grocery store I bought 50lbs potatoes, 2 bags of carrots, 2 bags of apples, a big bag of sweet peppers, yogurt for starter (I want to start making my own again), 4 cans of frozen juice concentrate, 3 bulbs of garlic and a loaf of bread. I spent well under $30 total ($15 at one, $10 at the other) and this should keep us going a while.

Let it begin.

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