Thursday, April 19, 2007

304 Bottles and $600 or so

Ok, so the two in the title aren't really related but in a way they are.

We gathered up most of the bottles we had been saving to collect the deposit and there were 304, which meant just over $15 for us. 7 big bags of waste gone out of our basement! I can't say they are all ours as my father often brings us his empty bottles but I think by not buying canned or bottled juice, water or pop anymore, we will save a lot of space, money and health. That said we still have lots of containers about that contain something in them so I'm sure we'll have another trip soon to the enviro depot.

The other issue is what looks to be an approximate $600 car repair bill. People, maintain your vehicles! It pays in the long run. I hope it won't be that much but I am going to assume it will end up being more.

Because of this new huge bill, we are going to do a spending diet. For the next month, we are only going to buy the bare necessities. We will need one tank of gas since we're almost on empty so there's a good $60 right there. I'm going to allot $5 a week for bare necessity produce and eggs (meaning a dozen eggs, a couple pounds of bananas and maybe a marked down veggie). I'm also going to allot $20 to buy the food for DS's birthday party. I'm making his cake and salads, which we'll have stuff for, plus other people are bringing things, so basically hot dogs and buns. We have birthdays to attend but we're going to try to make the gifts (gulp!). Other than this, I'd say emergency medication if someone gets very sick or if something comes up but this is rare for us. We will live off our food storage and seek out things we can do for free or cheap. I have warned the kids but I'm sure we'll have to remind them daily because they love to shop (wonder where they get that from, lol!!!).

Now, the kids are off with their grandmother for the afternoon and I will be alone for supper. I now have the overwhelming urge to eat out. Don't give in!! Don't give in!!!! If the care is done before 5pm, I have some shopping I have to do that was part of our weekly groceries (including a 50lbs pound bag of potatoes for only $3.99 and a big bag of apples for less than $2) and get gas, then I'll be ready to let the non-spending fun begin!

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