Monday, April 23, 2007

Bathroom BS

Baking soda is marvelous in the bathroom. I have been using it to wash my hair with for the past week and my hair has never been better. As a test, I went 4 days without washing my hair and it did not get greasy at all (a big problem with my hair). It feels thicker (I have thinning hair), it is not falling out by the handfull anymore and is easier to deal with. I'm so excited!

I've also concocted a "pit paste" to use as deodorant. I mix a couple of drops of Burt's Bees baby almond oil (left over from when the kids were babies) with some baking soda, rub into arm pits and it makes a very effective deodorant. It even stands up to working out and hot days with no odor. I love it! The rock deodorant used to crack my sensitive skin so I was wary of using it but I think I am sold on my new pit paste :D

Baking soda can be used for teeth but I am not ready to give up my cinnamon toothpaste. I don't like how baking soda feels in my mouth but I will switch when the toothpaste is gone.

Cloth TP is going great. I have an embarassing confession. I usually go through a roll of regular TP in a day. Two days for a double roll. I go a lot. The good news is our roll of toilet paper has been on the roll for over a week and it is still more than half full. The rest of the family uses it so it's kind of embarassing that I was using so much. I'm so glad I can prevent all that from being flushed down! Now to convert the rest of the family!

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