Monday, May 7, 2007


I am convinced that birthdays (and holidays in general, for that matter) make the earth very unhappy. Oh the waste!! The packaging, unenviromentally friendly toys, wrapping, disposable eatware, ect...

I tried to make our gifts more practical and not very wasteful. Nothing had excess packaging that wasn't recyclable. I wrapped his presents in recyled paper, bags and cloth (or a combination of those).

Everything else...well..... As of now, most of DS's toys are unfindable, with pieces of things all over the house. Most of the toys kept him intrested for about 2 minutes. Our garbage is bulging with waste (I recycled everything that could be). Plus I can't remember who gave him what as the whole unwrapping process was a blur!!

I think for DD's birthday I'm going to say no presents (ok, I know the nannies will break this rule and I plan on getting her a couple things since it is a special day). I know it may be rude, but I may just ask everyone to give a litle money (like $5) towards a new bed or dresser. Heaven knows she needs no more toys or clothes!!! We're also going to have her party at the beach or park so people will generally have fun with out all the birthday trappings, as long as there's food. I am going to start looking for decomposable plates and cups. If I get plastic forks, I plan to take them home to wash and reuse.

It's sad to think how many birthdays happen every day and how much waste this must generate. Of course we are part of two families who love to go overboard with everything!!

(Disclaimer: I am glad we had DS's party and everyone had a blast. These are just my musings of how wasteful things can be. I want to find a balance between simplicity, conservation and fun for future birthday parties :) . Oh and Happy 5th Birthday, DS!! ).

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