Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Back

I took a little break from blogging as DH's grandmother passed away and I didn't feel like writing much. She was very dear to us and we will miss her greatly.

There was a lot of craziness going on so I kind of lapsed in a lot of areas. I need to get back to my earthy roots and do what I can to reduce our impact on the earth.

I got this month's National Geographic and there were some good articles in there about the effects of global warming. It's scary how fast the ice in the arctic is melting. There was a very poignant quote that really hit home. "An Arctic without ice would be like a garden without soil." Of course all that melted ice has to go somewhere.

When we were in the Annapolis valley for the funeral, we went up the "mountain" to visit family. It struck me odd that at the top of the mountain was the ocean. Apparantly the valley is below sea level and the highest parts of the mountain are actually only about 750 feet above sea level, although it seems higher. I also just read a great deal of the valley is already protected from the ocean from a system of dykes. Thus if all the ice in the arctic melts, much of my province may find itself underwater (it's virtually an island with just a small connector to New Brunswick).

Well, that was dreary. I will be back with what I hope to be more uplifting things to discuss. Maybe I should start packing my bags to move somewhere that isn't in danger of finding itself underwater, lol!! (I live right by the ocean)

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