Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Great Site

Yesterday I took the kids on a nature trail and it was so nice seeing the signs of spring. Everything was budding and unfurling from their long winter nap. It will be nice to have the world awash in green again.

Here is a great site I found last night that I must share:

" Welcome to Cindy's Porch! Grab yourself a cup of tea and pull up a chair. Are you ready to discover the treasures that are available in your home, your neighborhood, and within your family that cost absolutely nothing? This is where we learn to "DO instead of BUY". Where we "SHOP at home FIRST" and discover that "procrastination" can be our best friend when it comes to BUYing more stuff."

I printed off the sheets for creating an inventory for your food on hand. This is what is hard for me since we have soooo much.

I'm grateful that we don't have any debt. We've always been pay as we go kind of people. We do use our credit cards a lot, but we get hundreds of dollars back each year and we pay the credit cards off either right away or before any intrest is charged. We are planning on buying a house some day but hopefully with as little debt as possible.

I'm going to be busy the rest of the day cleaning, simplifying the kitchen and doing some batch baking. I'm making two lasagnas (one veggie and one southwestern), a few loaves of bread and cookies. If I get everything else on my great big list done, I will make some sweet bread quick mix to have on hand.

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