Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A New Month

Hey, isn't this considered to be May Day? For a day that used to be considered the first day of summer, it's pretty cold and yucky out!

On MDC I have decided to participate in the No Spending in May challenge. It will be a challenge as we have a lot of events this month. Most can be worked around and I've already bought almost everything for DS's birthday (I think I just need buns and maybe another thing or two I may be forgetting, but I'm sure it won't make a difference). Most of the birthday's in the family are this month (including mind ;) ) and then there is Mother's Day.

Groceries and bills are exceptions, although I am still trying to cut down. I did some shopping yesterday and spent more than I expected. I bought some meat and it brought the amount way up.

My biggest challenge is DH. He is a worse spender than I am. He works in a grocery store at the mall, which means he is surrounded by spending temptation all day. I'll have to start getting him to leave his wallet/money and cards home. If we really need something, there's no reason why I can't go and get it. I think this will help us really define needs versus wants.

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