Thursday, May 10, 2007


Here is a short story I wrote when I was a teenager for a course I was taking. I kind of giggle reading it as it is full of grammatical and spelling errors and I thought it was perfect when I wrote it. I like that it reflects my connection to the earth, even if my spiritual views have changed and matured somewhat. I was going to toss it, but I will post it here first so it will be saved forever.


The noise of technology resounded in her head as her feet led the way down the street. Everywhere, noise, hurry, death. if only they could see their grey auras and if only they could see her white one and realize life was about spirituality and not working oneself to death.

People moved without looking around and realizing happiness is not the green in their pockets. Oh, how she wished to scream out against the lack of awareness around her.

She had to quickly stop thinking so much about others and get on track to her own purpose.

Every footfall took her closer to the park, where she felt best to commune with God. She picked up her pace, reminding her of the busy people. At least she had a destiny worth rushing to.

There were few in the park, mostly regulars who came daily to feed the ducks and birds. She exchanged greetings to the ones who were familiar to her. They knew about the truth inside her and were glad for her.

Over to the alcove of trees she went and positioned herself so she would not lose balance as she went under. A warm breeze swept over her as her eyes closed and her mind went blank.

A few thoughts passed through her mind but these quickly ran their course. And she was left in a bliss unlike any other known to man. In these times, all the answers to the questions were known to her. Often, she truly felt the touch of God. in these times she took comfort in knowing all would work out in the end. In these times, time had no meaning, worries were nonexistent and insecurities had no place.

When she came back to her world, the feeling of peace was so strong. Nothing could knock her down. These people would someday have restitution for their dark days. She had no bearing over the way their lives were led and they none over hers. Only God would know how it would end.

She left the park with an extra big smile on her face. One of the park regulars asked, "Wow, where were you today?"

She answered, "In a secret place where you are cradled in the hands of God and love reigns supreme."

The man smiled back with a twinkle of understanding in his eye.

The End

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