Sunday, April 6, 2008

100 Mile Diet Revisited

I thought I would repost my thoughts on this since I still love the idea. I have been doing some research about this and I think it could be possible for us to do, especially if I expand it to 200 miles. One article I read said that 800 miles would be the ideal since it would include food from many different growing areas and would not restrict a person so much.

Atlantic Canada has tons of great products and there are so many rich growing areas in the Valley and in PEI. In some flyers they marks items that are produced in the Atlantic provinces and I think that is a great way to make people aware of where what they are eating is coming from. It is so easy to just mindlessly buy whatever and not even think about where it has come from or how much gas it took to get from the field to their plate.

So I still give this lots of consideration but not ready to make the full commitment yet. There are some things which just don't grow here, like bananas and other tropical fruit. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar are also things I like to use that they don't produce here. I am sure there are many more items I could list that we like which aren't made here.

I am trying to eat more local and will pick something local over something from far away. I do strive hard to buy Canada made/grown food at the very least. I think seeing where food comes from or where it is made can be an eye opening experience. I didn't realize the pickles I used to buy were from India. I think they now are made in Canada. I'm hoping that more companies will heed the call to have more variety available to it's local people :)

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