Thursday, April 3, 2008

Interesting Things To Watch

If you are bored and would like something to watch, here are some online videos I have watched lately that I would like to share.

The Story Of Stuff. Loved it! Highly recommend it! It is a 20 minute online video that really opens your eyes to the danger of over-consumerism in a fun, simplistic way. Share it with everyone! Lots of great stuff on the site as well.

"Affluenza". It is a PBS documentary from about 10 years ago so it's kind of out of date but still very interesting to watch. It is about American spending habits and how their need to consume is bringing them down. Of course the problem has become worse over the past decade but it is interesting to see where things were 10 years ago.

Maxed Out is one I haven't actually watched yet but it is open in a tab for when I have a little more free time. It is a documentary about credit cards and how modern people are enslaved to them. I can't wait to see it :)

Life After People; oh my gosh! I watched this the other day as it sounded interesting. I planned on watching I Am Legend and thought this would be cool to watch first. It is soooo interesting how quickly the earth would return to it's natural state (even though all our junk is still underneath it). Not necessarily having to do with green or simple living but still very interesting!! Oh yeah, and I LOVED I Am Legend. It's one of the few recent movies I would actually want to watch again (but then I don't watch too many, lol!). I really want to read the book as I hear it is way better.

I thought there was one more but I can't think of what it is. Hmmm...I will post if I can think of it.


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