Sunday, April 6, 2008

Props to FlyLady

She just sent out an email that I wish to share. I am a fluttering flybaby. I really try but it can be hard some days.

Here goes:

Dear FLY Folks,

My job is in environmental education and outreach. I have realized
for some time that one of the unexpected outcomes of FLYING in my life
is that being environmentally responsible is so easy it's practically

With Environmental Education Week (April 13 - 19, the same week as
National Library Week) and Earth Day (April 22) coming up, I thought
your members should see the reasons to celebrate how they are GREEN
instead of feel guilty as too often people do about environmental
things. I know that none of us are p*rfect (there's that word again)
in this area. However, it's the progress that counts in GREENING. I
can make this statement with all confidence: if you are FLYING you are
more GREEN than when you weren't FLYING

This is how:

1. FLYING eliminates extra driving. Planning ahead using all the great
tools (calendar, menu mailer to plan shopping, etc.) means less
driving. Not only are you saving money - and don't we all want to do
that - but you are reducing carbon emissions. When you FLY, you can
leave a little early to drive more slowly and STILL arrive on time.
You can carpool at least once or twice a week (or more!) since you
will be organized to coordinate rides or you won't need your car for
after work errands.

Further more, on a community wide scale, if more people drove less,
there would be less need for roads. Roads have a huge impact on
habitat and water quality. Imagine if everyone in your town drove
less or carpooled.

2. FLYING means less trash. Recycling is the third best thing you can
do for the environment. Reducing is the first. Reducing our
consumption to only things that we love is not only better for our
little home it helps keep our big home, the earth, uncluttered too.

3. FLYING means better agriculture practices. When we buy good food
and eat the right amounts, we send a message with our money that we
want real food grown in a responsible way. Agriculture has a huge
impact on the environment. This is not a slam against farmers. I know
many producers that would like to change their practices but they need
to be able to make a living. Real, good food costs more and this
leads me to the next point...

4. FLYING means more money to spend on environmentally responsible
products. By FACING our finances, by eliminating "retail therapy", by
planning and being prepared instead of panic spending, we will find
extra dollars in our pocket to put towards the slightly more
expensive, but environmentally better version.

For example, compact fluorescent light bulbs cost a bit more but use
less energy. Using natural fertilizers and pesticides on our lawn
costs more but is better for the soil and its microrganisms. Adding a
few organic/grass fed/sustainably produced items to the grocery cart
costs more but that supports good agriculture practices. Buying
veggies in-season from a farmer's market might cost more but you are
reducing carbon emissions of transporting produce. Installing low
flow showerheads or toilets or tankless water heater costs more but...
well, you get the idea.

5. FLYING means time to spend outside. Whether it's loving movement
by yourself or family fun day or participating in a community clean up
or tree planting or whatever, you have time to go outside and enjoy
it. When you FLY, you no longer have to spend the first nice weekend
of spring inside cleaning.

And our children ARE watching. This generation of children has more
electronic entertainment options and it can seem impossible to get
them unplugged. Even if your children are slightly older and won't
follow you outside (like mine) you can still set the example just as
you do with your sink.

I hope this encourages your members to keep on FLYING the good flight.
They don't have to go to extra impossible efforts to GREEN. Just
FLY. It's good for you. It's good for your family. It's good for Earth.

Happy Earth Day,
Anne Lewis
President, Environment Education Connections of South Dakota
Long time FLYer

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rekindled said...

Hello, I am a fellow FlyBaby and I never realised how green FLyLady is! I am in the UK so I don't get the emails, I am so glad you shared this one, thank you.