Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finances and budgets and food, oh my!

I guess you can group finances with simple living. Everyone needs money to live in the western world, no matter how simply. I won't go into dollar amounts since cost of living varies so much from place to place and it isn't really here or there what we have and where it goes (except food, which everyone loves to talk about, lol!).

After going through all our bills I know for a fact if it were not for the tithing we pay we would not be able to do as well as we are able. I hate doing budgets because on paper, it does not seem to add up. BUT!! with the Lord's hand in our lives, we have all we need and more. It seems like faith pays the bills and lets us tuck some aside for a rainy day, lol!!

However we still need to make simple changes and try to tighten our belts a little more. I am trying to get more on board to simpler, healthier eating which isn't so meat intensive. It will take me a while to get used to it since I have, err, bowel/intestinal problems (dx'd as IBS but could possibly celiac). I really hope I can get the kids eating a wider variety of foods. It may be strange to say but I miss beans and have been craving things like lentils and rice. One of my favorite foods is falafel and there is a box of mix taunting me in the cupboard.

I have our grocery budget at $300 a month since the price of food has shot up. I used to have it at $200 and I could probably get it down again, especially if I'm ever successful in getting the family weaned off junk food. I have to remind DH all the time not to buy stuff. Besides, we have so much in our food storage that we would only eat if I make more of an effort (and kind cool, sneaky ways to incorporate it into what we do eat. Jessica Seinfeld has nothing on the mother who doesn't want to waste food, lol!!). I am also planning on gardening this year, which should be quite an adventure since we live in an apartment :)

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