Saturday, April 5, 2008


I am so pumped about the find I just snagged. We went to Zellers to get some Cheerios and I found packages of 4 cloth napkins for only $1.29! Whoo! But that is not the best thing I found. The best is I found a ton of Raw Organic Food Bars for only 25 cents each!! Oh my goodness! They are sooo yummy! They are delicious, nutritious and very satisfying. The kids even liked them! I had one of the high fiber ones and the kids had the chocolately chocolate chip. I bought 22 and I'm even thinking of getting DH to pick up some more on Monday if there are any left.

I don't know if I talked about it before but cloth napkins here are a big deal. We use them like crazy. We have at least 50 in all kinds of different colours and some with prints. One new set is pink and the other is blue. I like having some on hand for company which are in good condition since we can be pretty hard on ours. I am thinking about taking a cue from No Impact Man and keeping some in my purse to have at all times. They sure would come in handy!

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